Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Home Kitchen Design Ideas and Trends

With kitchens being constantly used for numerous of activities that goes beyond the realm of only cooking, the kitchen today is at center of the household for a number of activities. From sipping a glass of wine after a hard day’s work to entertaining close friends to helping the kids out with homework, the kitchen definitely plays a role of a being a space that has number of usages.
 Certainly a transition from the traditional kitchen.  Mordern kitchen designs are open, have plenty of seating, well lit leaning more towards being a social hub for the family. Although the utility of the space may have extended, the core of every layout has essentially remained the same. referring to the kitchen triangle, that basically describes the placement of the sink, the stove and the refrigerator in a triangular manner with reachable distance of not more than 6-7 feet apart.  For further details read this.
The concept is an aged one however is still practical and effective.  The triangular placement allows for ease movement and access to the vital elements of preparing any meal. On deciding the placement of the kitchen triangle, the next aspect is the positioning of the countertops. Plenty of traditional layouts such as the L shaped installation, the peninsular kitchen, straight kitchens, u shaped kitchen etc are used even today, however they are modified to meet the needs of the end user.  Ideally two countertops are the least number of spaces required, one being placed near the sink and the other for prep.
Tackling a storage plan is next; storage needs are always needed and the more you have of it the better. Lack or insufficient storage space leads to the kitchen being cluttered. in tight spaces having shelf space stretching from the bottom to ceiling top to maximize utilization of space.

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